Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday 11.23.2011

I am so, so glad to say that I finished my very FIRST quilt this week. Well, it's actually more accurate to say I re-finished it in a proper way. You can read the whole saga right here.

Do you remember these blocks? I started working on them looooong time ago.

I thought I'd make enough of the blocks to have a nice lap size quilt. Of course I changed my mind, it's going to be a baby quilt now. And I'm almost done piecing the top.

And, one more WIP that I don't think I shared with you before.

I made three single girl blocks using Amy Butler fabric (a heavenly combination, if you ask me). I was planning on it being a table runner for our kitchen table. Well, it does not look good on that table and I have no will or desire to cut and piece another gazillion of these curved pieces. So, for now, until I decide what to do next it's probably moving into my UFO pile. Oh, I never thought I'd have a UFO pile.

 Have a happy Thanksgiving!!! Svetlana


  1. oh my - it's all so lovely!! Congrats on the redo - so glad you are happier with it!! And I LOVE your dots blocks!!! Very cool. And of course - always love a beautiful Single Girl - NICE!

  2. Love the dotty log cabin blocks!! Also that single girl quilt so far is lovely.

  3. What a cute colorful baby quilt that will make!!

  4. I love the log cabin blocks! And, those single girl rings are great! Maybe you could make three pillows? Or one really long body pillow ;)

  5. It's a wonderful quilt - well worth the redo. Looks fabulous!

  6. this post is just filled with eye candy! love the log cabin blocks. fab quilt finish too! the cirles look great!

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