Ruby flannel quilt blocks

Hello, happy Monday!

Look what I got to play with this weekend.  I just love the new Ruby fabric collection by Camille and Bonnie. I was so excited when it finally came out and I was even more excited to find out that I could get it in flannel, too. I've wanted to make a nice, cozy, flannel quilt for a while so when I saw this gorgeousness I couldn't resist.

This flannel is so soft and luxurious that I spent first couple of days just looking at it and touching it. Crazy, I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one, right? Then I started thinking about what quilt to make. I usually use a lot of solid white in my quilts (not only does it look nice and modern, it also keeps the cost of the whole quilt down). Having bought 11 1/2 yard cuts of fabric I thought I might actually stretch it and make 2 quilts out of this stash. Well, not really! On Friday night I spontaneously decided to cut into my fabric. This was my plan:

Step One. Cut all fabric into 10 x 10 inch squares and 6 inch diameter circles. No solids involved!!!

Step Two. Pin the circle in the middle of the square, no measuring, just eyeballing, stitch around the circle using 1/4 inch seam.

Step Three. Cut the square (with the circle sewn to it) into 4 equal parts.

Step Four. Organize same squares into piles to get them ready for step five.

Step Five. Take four random squares, try not to put same patterns next to each other, and sew them into a block.

As you can see, since I only eyeballed the position of my circles in the middle of the squares, they are not in exactly the same position. I think it gives these blocks less formal feel and together with raw edges of the circles will add nice playfulness and coziness to the finished quilt.

Step Six. Make 49 of these 9.5" scrappy colorful blocks.
And, that's how far I got this weekend.

I'll show you more of my progress in the next couple of days.

Have a wonderful day. Svetlana