My very first quilt.

I worked on my very first quilt this weekend. You're probably wondering at this statement, right? I've already made quite a few quilts and now I'm talking about working on my very first one? Yes, you see, when I made my first quilt about a year ago I made a quilt top the way I was supposed to, and then it all went downhill. I did not have much fabric in my stash at that time, so I decided to use a flat sheet for the backing (a sheet that I liked on our bed, it just did not match the quilt top one bit).

To make things even worse when I started basting the quilt I used pins about 20 inches apart, and thought it was still insane how many pins I had to use. Do I have to say more? Of course it was a disaster when I started quilting. The whole thing was shifting, puckering, real nightmare. That's where my "resourcefulness" came in, I decided NOT TO QUILT, just put the binding on and call it a quilt. After all, it had a top, batting, and a back.

See, no signs of quilting anywhere. What really bothered me the most was that I liked the quilt top a lot, after all that was the quilt that started my whole quilting obsession, we just were not using it. The girls did not like the back being all boyish, and my son did not like the top being girly. So, it just sat there, that is until this Saturday. I ripped it all apart, took the binding and backing off, replaced the batting, and made a new backing using Anna Maria Horner flannel and some white flannel for the border.

I used brown striped fabric to bind the quilt and I like it so much better now. Oh, and yes, I did quilt it this time. I can finally say that my very first quilt is finished and loved.

Happy Monday, everyone. Svetlana