My new kitchen

Happy Friday, everyone!

First, let me thank you for all your wonderful comments about my scrappy trivets and potholders I showed in my last post. I am so happy to say that my kitchen is almost completely finished (and I'm happily using my potholders as well as trivets), there is still a pantry door that needs a coat of paint and I need to make one more curtain, and maybe a small quilt to be hung above the door, but that's about it.

So, ready for some pictures? I thought I had some before pictures, but can't find them right now, so I'll just start here
This is what our kitchen looked like on October 10th, first day of reno. Horrifying and exciting at the same time.

October 13th, cabinets and appliances in, no sink or counter tops. Washing the dished in the bathroom sink for 1 and a half weeks is really no fun.

This beige was the original color. I chose it and painted the kitchen this horrid shade of khaki about a year ago and hated it every single day. Lesson I hopefully learned: If you don't love the paint color you chose, stop painting and run to the store to get something you like. Even though you can't return the first paint to the store, it will still be worth it.

November 3th, almost a month after the demo day, here we are. I'm in love!!!!

Our breakfast area. OK, so it might be a form of self inflicted torture to have so much white with 3 children and a cat in the house, but I love white and light airy colors and I was in no mood to compromise and go darker.

I really like our new curtains. I bought fabric at Joann's (Waverly brand), cut it, hemmed it, and the easiest curtains ever were done.

So, that's my new kitchen. I am sooooo happy with the way it turned out, even better than I imagined. It did take a long time to get here but it was definitely worth it.

You've probably noticed I did not show you the other side of our galley kitchen. It's the part with unpainted door and missing curtain, so I'll show you the pictures as soon as those last projects are done.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Svetlana