Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some overdue pictures

Hello friends,

it's a very cold and windy day, but no rain (finally), so I decided to get my 6 year old to come out with me and take some pictures. Yes, no school for us today, it's a parent-teacher conferences day and by 10 am this morning I was done with all three of mine. Yay!!! We are ready to start our 4 day weekend.
I can finally show you the whole AMH quilt.

I did some simple quilting along the seam lines.
Sorry for the crooked picture, I'll have to explain to my son to hold the camera straight next time.

I also finished my Easy Raw Edge Drunkards' Path quilt top (I keep changing its name all the time).

Told you it was windy.

Have a great day, Svetlana.


  1. Love the Ruby quilt!!! Enjoy your long weekend. We are having one as well, starting today!

  2. They both look great, and just call the odd angled pics 'artistic' ;o)

  3. Your Ruby quilt looks fantastic. I wish it were mine! Tomorrow my daughter will be home from school and two of her friends will be spending the afternoon with us...I'm gonna be busy with 5 little ones running around! I'm debating taking my daughters to the parade in the morning. We have gone to them for 4 years straight, but my husband has to work so it would be me alone with a 5, 3 and almost 1 year old. That is just too much I think.

  4. Love them both! And your son is very artistic. Those photos are fabulous!


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