Three Bears' Sleeping Bag by Flossie Teacakes (pattern review)

When I came across these adorable sleeping bags for stuffed animals I knew I had to make some for my children's stuffed toys. I bought this PDF pattern by Florence on her website Flossie Teacakes.

I love that the pattern comes in PDF form (talk about instant gratification). You pay for the pattern and, seconds later, it's in your inbox and you can start sewing.

I've been following Florence's blog for a while now. She comes up with wonderfully unique sewing projects so I was hoping that these sleeping bags would be special in their own way. I was not disappointed. They are absolutely adorable.

Florence did such a wonderful job giving clear and precise instructions with lots and lots of pictures along the way that were easy to follow. The only thing I did a little differently then suggested in the pattern was the way I attached bias binding. Florence suggests hand stitching the binding to the back of the sleeping bag. I went ahead and machine stitched mine on which was definitely a much quicker process.

I really like Florence's attention to detail. The quilted top, stuffed pillow, and beautifully rounded corners of these sleeping bags is what makes them so adorable, yet pretty easy to make.

The sleeping bag pattern comes in three sizes (papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear).

The ones I made were papa bear size.

I think these cute sleeping bags would make a wonderful Christmas present for any child. I know I'm going to make quite a few of them, in all three sizes, before Christmas arrives.

I do hope you give this pattern a try. Let me know how it went.