Yay!!! I'm joining do. Good Stitches.

I'm so excited to be joining so many other wonderful and talented people who are part of do. Good Stitches. We are starting a new group Trust Circle of do. Good Stitches and our take off is in September. Can I just tell you how pumped up and excited I am about this opportunity? I have never been a part of any Bee before and I'm looking forward to use my love of sewing and quilting to bring a smile to someone's face. We'll be donating finished quilts to My Very Own Blanket for children in foster care.

Before I go tonight, here's a funny picture of our cat Lola. Did you know cats come in all shapes and sizes, square being one of them? Just have a look. And just a disclaimer, she did go into this box all by herself, no outside "help" was involved.

Have a great night, everyone. Tomorrow is a very special day for us, our kiddos have 1st day of school, even my baby is starting Kindergarten and my oldest one is going to Middle School. I'm so happy for this new chapter in their little lives.