FWQAL blocks 49, 64, 66, 68, 90, 98

Happy Friday, everyone!

My name is Svetlana and I'm addicted to quilting and sewing. I feel like that's how I should be introducing myself to the rest of the world. I've been helping at our church's VBS all week, so there was almost no time for sewing. And not being able to sew made me all anxious and annoyed (signs of addiction???), so I made sure I got me some sewing time fix yesterday.

I worked on some more Farmer's Wife blocks and the peace that came over me was amazing. Oh, my! I really am addicted to sewing! Do you feel like that sometimes?

Well, here are my six newest blocks.
block #49 Honeycomb

block #64 Peace & Plenty
just now I realized that mine does not look exactly like the one in the picture. I must have turned one of the squares the wrong way. Oh, well. I still like it so it's staying this way.

block #66 Periwinkle

block #68 Postage Stamp

block # 90 Storm Signal

block #98 Waterwheel
Unfortunately, I didn't choose fabrics with enough contrast for this block so it's hard to see the pattern. I really should remember that blocks with lots of tiny pieces need fabric that won't blend into each other.

I made two more blocks last night after the kids went to bed (told you I was addicted) but it was too dark to take pictures, so I'll show them to you next time.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day. I have to go and touch some fabric now.