Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday 7. 28. 2011 - progress on my Farmer's wife blocks

I have 7 new Farmer's Wife blocks to share with you today.

block # 73 Rainbow Flowers

block # 57 Morning
well, this guy was definitely a killer. Lots and lots of little triangles and points that needed to match. I'm glad it's done and do not want to see a block like this for a while.

block #61 Northern Lights

block # 56 Maple Leaf

block # 102 Whirpool
this block was probably the most difficult so far. I do not like cutting out tiny triangles and then sewing them back together. And, as you can see, it did not turn out that well. I think I will have to redo it at some point but for now I'm pretending that it's acceptable and out of my way.

block # 41 Friendship Star

and last but not least is block # 23 Country Farm
All in all, I'm pretty happy with how my blocks are coming together. I have 28 blocks done, now just to make another 55 !!!! and I'll have enough blocks for the planned twin quilt.

Enjoy your day,



  1. Neat way of photographing them in the book next to their diagram, I like that! They look great, keep up the good work!

  2. Very pretty blocks, love the colors! I've just started on mine.


  3. I really like that rainbow block. And I agree with kristastitched -- that's so neat how you photographed your blocks!

  4. I love how you photographed them next to the pictures in the books. Yours are lovely!

  5. My fave is the rainbow flowers. That's really sharp that you have 4 colorways. I'm not sure why you say the one block is not acceptable. It looks good--triangles look pointy, there seems to be a 1/4" seam allowance for when you join it with other blocks, I think it looks just fine:)
    From the mom who never gets to sleep and is up with a coughing baby right now:)

  6. Thank you, ladies. Your comments are always so encouraging and I love reading all of them.


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