Monday, July 18, 2011

Single girl baby quilt in solids

A few months ago I cut out fabric for 2 blocks of Single girl quilt by Denyse Schmidt. I made one into a pillow

and the other small stack of already cut (and nicely organized) fabric was quietly sitting in my WIP pile. That is, until Meg from Fashioned by Meg started a Finish it up challenge. I joined the challenge and decided that by the end of summer I have to turn that fabric into a baby quilt.

So I went from this
to this 
and had no idea what to do and how to turn it into a baby quilt. I found out I have a very hard time working with solids. I do prefer patterned fabric and that might have been a reason I put it away for another couple of weeks. I think it's hard to work on something you don't love, love.

Then yesterday, after finishing other projects, I suddenly had the urge to finish this quilt. I decided to add simple strips of solid fabric to both top and bottom and bind it with black and white striped fabric. I've always loved seeing Rita's quilts at Red Pepper Quilts, she uses striped binding a lot. So, what do you think?

I've used Maisy flannel for the backing which makes this quilt really soft and cuddly.
The finished size is 36 x 37 inches. 

I actually like it now that it's all finished. But next time I'm making a single girl quilt I'm definitely going with prints and lots of white negative space. 

I can't leave without sharing this picture with you. It has nothing to do with my sewing, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
My middle daughter's build-a-bears needed a nap. Notice on the very left our cat Lola, going along with this fun game and letting herself be treated as a stuffed animal. Isn't she just precious? My children always say that  she's so good because she's an angel sent from heaven just for the three of them. I think they might be on to something.

Enjoy your day, Svetlana.

I'm linking this post to Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory . Check out other fun projects people have posted.


  1. I think it turned out wonderful!!

  2. I love the lines with just the one ring. And your zig zag in you header is divine.

  3. I love that single girl quilt. Just beautiful!

  4. It looks great! Great way to use it!

  5. Your quilt turned out very pretty--it looks Amish inspired. Your cat is a good sport. We have a Siamese who likewise plays well with the kids no matter what.

  6. I think that quilt is gorgeous! Love the Single Girl circle on its own and that hot pink fabric. It just looks so unique.

  7. what a fun way to finish it up! great job.

  8. I love it! You did a great job.

  9. Turned out great. I have yet to tried that circular pattern. Kind of afraid too :(.

    BTW I'm hosting a Fabric Giveaway over at my site and giving away 12 FAT quarters. Swing by if you get a chance:


  10. Love the single girl baby quilt!!!

  11. I love the idea of a "single girl" baby quilt. So cute!


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