Look what I received!

Pretty Little Pouch Swap - part 2 is my first ever swap. And I've been obsessing about it to a degree that my children make faces when I just use the word pouch. Is my partner going to like the pouch? Is it her style? How do I make it her while at the same time keep a piece of me in it?

Well, in the midst of all this crazy (and sometimes irrational) obsessing I've received the package from my secret partner Katy a.k.a LethargicLass on Flickr. I was so surprised and excited to get it so soon, deadline is August 8th. And I was even more excited when I opened the package. Look at all the "loot" I got
a beautiful pouch - love the colors, so bright and happy, and the combination of orange, blue, and green and white polka dots is just adorable. I also got some pretty fabric, chapstick, a pencil with Canadian maple leaf on it (how cool), pretty ribbon, barrettes, a tiny ring pincushion, a birdie key chain, and "keep calm and sew on" magnet. Can you believe it? It was just so generous of her.

Thanks so much, Katy. All these wonderful presents will be put to a great use.

Now I just need to get my secret partner's package together and send it to her. I hope she'll like my pouch and other "goodies" as much as I like what I got.