Friday, July 8, 2011

HST quilt top finished, what a relief!!!

This was just one of those weeks. I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything, as far as sewing was concerned.  I decided to really work on my HST quilt top (there was a danger that if I didn't finish it soon, it would have become a UFO in my closet) so all the smaller projects were put aside, thus no Farmer's Wife blocks, pouches, or bags were finished this week.

And it paid off . I have a finished HST quilt top. Hurray!!!!! I can't even believe it, somebody pinch me, I thought I would never get here. What a relief.

At first I thought I would go ahead and finish this quilt the way Kati did, no border, just binding. I really liked the simplicity and how nicely it framed all those HSTs, but this way I was going to  end up with a quilt that was not as large as I had wanted. And, I had no more HSTs in me. To make more blocks just was not an option. So I decided to go with a nice thick border which brings the whole quilt top to correct size.

Now I just need to decide on the backing, AND quilting, AND binding. Oh my, I will probably cry with relief by the time this quilt is finished.

I am not a patient person and I like when things are done rather quickly (just ask my husband), so what I tend to do after my quilt top is done is choose just one fabric, many times a flat sheet, and use that as a backing. But not this time. I have worked on this guy too hard to finish it off so plainly.  I'm open to any suggestions you might have for the backing. And quilting, of course.

Keep making beautiful things, Svetlana.


  1. Looks lovely and I agree that the border sets it off nicely. You could use your scraps, if you have big enough pieces to make your backing...and if you're patient enough! ;) I think quilting around each "ring" would be fun and interesting!


  2. LaDonna, thanks for your suggestions. I think it's a great idea to use scraps for the backing, I'll try playing with fabric I used for the top after kids go to bed and hopefully I'll come up with something interesting.

  3. I am impatient too! I hate making backings, but I agree you have worked hard on this one! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I like the look of a pieced back. Did you use Kona solids? It kind of looks like chartreuse and aqua. My screen is extremely small, so I can't really tell the detail, but I see some DS blue dots in there. I think that would make a good binding maybe--and it would be cheap, too, with a coupon at Joanns. I saw really pretty quilted feathers on The Sometimes Crafter. Here it is:
    I love the way the top turned out and the border frames it perfectly.

  5. really lovely and I love the colours!


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