Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty little pouch swap and more pouches

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a very nice Saturday. We spent ours staying indoors, the weather is just awful, extremely hot, humid and it keeps raining on and off all day. Yuck!

So, I ended up sewing and obsessing over some pouches.

I have never done any swap before and so I was really excited when I was able to join in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap 2. I love pouches, I make pouches, it was a perfect swap for me. Then I got my partner assignment and my obsessing started. My partner's taste is quite different from mine so I spent a lot of time browsing her Flickr and blog to make sure I make something she likes, while at the same time keep a part of me in it, too.

This is what I came up with. 
patchwork back 
I really love how this pouch turned out, especially that crazy 1" patchwork back. I hope she'll like it. I'm still working on some small "goodies" to add to the package so it will be in the mail in a few days. I will also describe this patchwork making process in more detail in my future post.

Of course, once I made one pouch I could not stop there. I had to make more, right? And more I made.

I made this one using some gorgeous European linen and I appliqued seedlings in flower pots. (I got my inspiration from here).

Next came some ditty pouches by Keyka Lou. I ordered my  pattern here. I made them for my son, thus such boyish fabrics.
The bigger one is medium size on the pattern
and this one is small size.
They are both a great size for my son's little treasures (like tape, nails, scissors, or anything and everything else he knows he shouldn't have in his room, but he does anyway).

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful "pouch" day.

Enjoy your Sunday. I know I will, we're taking the kids to Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago. Should be fun.



  1. Little pouches can be addictive, can't they? Your swap pouch looks wonderful - I bet your partner will love it! I admire your patience with those one inch squares. That is alot of sewing! It's a great collection of prints.

  2. I love it- I especially appreciate the time you put in on your research- I see so many little touches that I like, text fabric of course, the contrast zip, linen, hand stitching, the beautiful lining fabric- so so pretty and all the extra bits too. I was very lucky to have you as my partner!


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