Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sew-in frame pouch and another Ouch Pouch

I'm currently working on two major quilts and have a thousand more quilt ideas swimming in my head.  I really, really love all that cutting fabric and then sewing it back together, but sometimes I find it a little tiring to work on the same project day in and day out and need to work on something less complicated. That's where pouches and bags come in for me. They are so cute, quick to make, and make nice presents.

So, I wanted to share two more pouches I made.

Do you remember my original Ouch Pouch? It's a pouch where we keep our first aid kit. And I have to say it came in handy many times since I made it. My son wanted to be put in charge of our Ouch Pouch (not a good idea since he is only 5 and misplaces stuff all the time). The best solution was for me to make his own Ouch Pouch, which he was so excited to get and a few minutes later could not remember where he left it, and we did not see it since!!!!
I did manage to take pictures of the pouch before giving it to him, though.

Ouch Pouch front
Ouch Pouch back
Ouch Pouch inside
 I used linen and Laurie Wisbrun Pickups and Pooches collection fabric.

My second pouch is this sew-in frame coin pouch.

I love how this little guy turned out. I found a wonderful tutorial here . It was so easy to follow and the whole pouch came together rather quickly.
I used Michael Miller fabric both for the outside and inside of the pouch (I just love those bicycles). I'm sure I'll be using this fabric again soon.

Have a wonderful day, I hope your weather is better than our Chicago craze. We definitely do not like those tornado sirens.



  1. I'm dying to try those clasps, but need to finish up all other little grand ideas like that first.

    Yours turned out super cute!

  2. These pouches are so cute and look like they are easy to make! I will surely check out that tutorial and see how it goes! Bless you for sharing.


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