Friday, June 3, 2011

Picnic blanket and a tote

The weather here in Chicago is just gorgeous and I'm happy to say that not only were we able to enjoy some beautiful sunny days, I also got to work on quite a few sewing projects.

With the weather being so nice, it got me thinking that I should make a nice, colorful picnic blanket. I decided to go simple, lots of 4 x 4 squares. And since my last quilt was made in much more subdued colors, I felt like I needed to go all out and use many, many colors and patterns. 

I took some pictures of the process of putting the blanket together, unfortunately I didn't get to posting them until now. The thing with me is that when I start a project I can't relax and take time to do something else until it's finished. I think about it most of the time I can't work on it, I even dream about my sewing. Completely obsessive, I know. So, when I sew, I sew, it's hard for me to get away from it and post any pictures.

my fabric organized by rows
all pieced together

So, the blanket / quilt is finished now, and I LOVE it. I love how happy it makes me just looking at it. I think it's all those beautiful colors and patterns together. I just  hope the weather will stay this nice for at least a few days so we can take this baby for a test drive.

Looking at this gorgeous sea of color gave me another idea, of course, and I started working on a new tote to match my picnic blanket.

I really didn't need another bag (I've already made so many of them, they can last me a lifetime), but the desire to make one won and here it is.

My new quilted tote, in happy summer colors, very sturdy, just right for all the picnic necessities. I underlined it with fusible fleece and interfacing and did some straight line quilting just to add some interest.

Yeah, Lola likes it, inspection passed.
I almost like the interior of the bag better than the outside. Plenty of pockets, especially zippered ones, are a must in any bag I use on a regular basis, and I added a ribbon and a snap hook to attach my keys or sunglasses to.

Well, I am off to start my weekend now. I hope you all get to enjoy some warm, relaxing days.


  1. Your quilt and bag are so cheerful...who couldn't be happy seeing it?! Good job!


  2. The idea of making a blanket from those small collection of pieces. It looks gorgeous and awesome and beautiful in first look. The tote is equally awesome and brilliant. Keep up the amazing work.


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