Thursday, June 23, 2011

FWQAL - 12 blocks down, many more to go

So far I've managed to make 12 blocks altogether for my Farmer's Wife quilt. 

Here are my 4 newest ones.

block #84 Spool

block #81 Snowball

block #69 Practical Orchard

and block # 70 Prairie Queen

This is my favorite block so far. I think it's the bright colors that I like so much.

Are you taking part in FWQAL? I'd love to see your blocks.

Also, you can check out Farmmer's Wife Flickr group. It's lots of fun and I'm always amazed at how wonderfully different all the blocks look.

Have a great rest of the day.



  1. I love your Prairie Queen block, too! I've always liked that pattern and you used great colors. I am enjoying seeing everyone's Farmer's Wife blocks. I'm seriously considering the book to make my Civil War fabrics quilt.

  2. Your blocks are all beautiful! I also really like your Prairie Queen, but it is hard to pick a favourite as they are all so nice.

  3. Thank you. I think that's what makes this QAL so fun. You can use any fabrics you like and come at the end with your own special quilt that's very unique.

  4. Your blocks look fantastic!!! I just started quilting a few short years ago--right after I had my first baby and I've had two more since then, so I haven't done too much sewing in those years. I only liked "easy" projects and avoided the classic/traditional blocks. But, for a little excitement I joined a block swap and so far the blocks that have been requested by my partners are traditional. It has been a great experience because I have learned so much making these blocks and my piecing has become so much more accurate and improved my sewing skills all around. It has truly changed the way I feel about traditional blocks, and by seeing yours, it's clear the fabric choices can drastically change the look. I definitely want to get this book and give it a try now--yours are so inspiring!

  5. Jamie, you are so right about traditional blocks being a wonderful way to improve our quilting skills. I made my first quilt in December last year so I have a lot to learn. And although I sometimes feel like these farmer's wife blocks will kill me with their templates and tiny triangles I can see how much I can learn through making traditional blocks.


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