Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finish it up!

Meg over at Fashioned by Meg had a wonderful idea. She came up with a challenge called Finish it up! The idea is to finish at least some of our WIPs, projects we have started but for whatever reason never finished.

I thought this was just what I needed to get me to work on some of those forgotten projects, plus, it's always more fun when others do the same thing. What I didn't realize was that in order to find my WIPs I'd have to clean up my "fabric area" which really is a storage room that I took over a while back. That by itself was definitely a project that desperately needed to be done. Two days later and lots and lots of sweating and complaining, here are a few shots of my "new", organized storage sewing space.

some of my fabric
sock organizer used to keep ribbons in place

I was surprised to find out that I had quite a few projects that I cut all the material for and never got to sewing.

1. This fabric was cut a few months ago and the plan was and still is to make a handbag.

future handbag

2. While cutting fabric for my Single Girl pillow I cut 2 layers at once to have enough fabric for 2 pillows. I made one, second one looks like this:

single girl baby quilt?
I'm thinking of making a baby blanket since I don't need another giant pillow. Note to myself, if you need just one pillow, cut enough for one, not two.

3. I love half square triangle (HST) quilts. I've always admired them and just recently found out how difficult it is to trim all these little guys. I had no specific plan for my blocks when I started (not a good idea, since I worked on some blocks I'm not going to use now). I played with the blocks I've made so far and came up with these layouts
scrappy concentric

cold - warm
cold - warm / warm - cold

 But my most favorite was this one. I've decided to use only green and blue blocks (red, pink, and yellow will have to wait for now).
my favorite
I have a few more projects like the hexies I'm working on, a pillow, and a quilt using Sherbet Pips. Phew!

I'd better get to work. Have a wonderful evening,



  1. I love your style, Svetlana! These are all lovely projects! So glad you are joining in!

  2. Thank you so much, I'm really glad you started this challenge. Wonderful idea.


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