Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My son's patchwork quilt

I have been obsessively working on a quilt for my son for the last couple of days. And when I say obsessively, I mean OBSESSIVELY, to the point of dreaming about it. Am I going quilt crazy?

Well, anyway, here's the picture of what the quilt top looked like after I pieced it all together. 

Sorry I don't have a better picture for you. I just tried putting it down on the floor and took a picture while standing on a chair (very professional, right?).

I had some many fabrics I wanted to use, so I decided to alternate different pattern squares with light blue solid ones. Since I cut my fabric into 5" squares it might have been a great idea to use charm packs and save some time on cutting. Maybe next time.

This is what the quilt looks like after being all finished.

I did simple straight line quilting and used leftover fabric for the binding.

And here it is, happily covering his bed and coordinating with a pillow I made for my son a while ago. I think they go together really well and I just love the embroidery (it's a picture my son made, he calls it a Pajama Guy).


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