Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mug rug frenzy

This was my first mug rug ever and I completely fell in love. Mug rugs are soooo much fun. I really like that it's a quick project, using up a lot of my scraps, and it' wonderful for trying out new techniques. 

Talking of new techniques, my first attempt to try ticker tape ended up as another mug rug. I really liked the way it turned out and a much bigger ticker tape quilt followed, of course, but on that a little later.
Here are a few more pictures of mug rugs I made:

And I'm still not done, next week is teacher appreciation week and I've decided to make mug rugs for my kids teachers. I see lots of mug rugs in my near future, which is perfectly fine by me.
Until next time, Svetlana


  1. I somehow found your blog through Flickr. I love your mugrugs they are so cool! I haven't tried making them yet. Keep posting!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm just starting with this blog (my 11 year old daughter kept bugging me to do it for quite a while) so I have a lot of postings in my head, already.


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