toning things down

As soon as I pulled these beauties out of my mailbox the other day I knew they were destined to become a quilt. I love all these understated colors together, so peaceful and calm, just what I needed after working on many bright quilts over the last few months.

I then raided my stash and added some linen (thank you Rober Kaufman) as well as hand printed fabric by Leslie Keating. I know, my clouds are upside down in this picture, but I wish you could feel the softness of this fabric.

 I had a hard time deciding on the pattern for this quilt. I wanted something simple that would let the fabric shine. So, I decided to go with 7" squares and make a simple patchwork quilt.

I must say, though, the whole time I was cutting and piecing I did not feel the love. That should have been a sign for me to stop and rethink, but I kept stitching, of course.

Once all the rows were pieced together, I knew I had to re-cut the whole thing and come up with a new design, grrrr!!! Why make it easy when I can make things a lot more difficult by stubbornly ignoring all my instincts, right?

I added some white and ivory fabrics, cut my squares in halves, added smaller rectangles (inspired by this quilt by Malka) and I finally love where this is going.

It's going to be quite a big quilt and I might back it with pretty pink minky I bought the other day.  Have you noticed? I'm still going through my pink phase, but on all of that a little later.

Off I go, more piecing to be done. Thanks so much for reading. Svetlana