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My book That Handmade Touch was published by Lucky Spool and is a collection of 20 simple, useful sewing projects for you and your home. 

Projects range from simple, super easy to sew up to more complicated ones so you can find a project that fits your needs whether you have just a few hours, or the whole weekend to sew.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Lucky Spool website, or in some local craft stores.

Happy sewing friends.

Please note, unfortunately a mistake happened during printing and wrong cutting measurement is given for one of the projects:

The Pleated Pouch, p.29
lining fabric should be cut 12'' x 9'' NOT 11'' x 9''

Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. hi Svetlana, got your lovely book yesterday and it is beautiful and love all the projects. i would love to start with the qayg zipper pouch. the pattern says it needs to be 120% of the printed size? am i reading this correct? do you have any tips for enlarging it and what would the final measurements be?
    many thanks
    Liliana Rose


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