sawtooth stars

Sawtooth Star block is my absolute favorite quilting star block ever. Ever!!! Strangely though, I've never made a quilt using this block. I had plans to do so a few times already, but the thought of all the flying geese and points that need to match up put me off every time. Until now, that is.

See, I already managed nine stars (inspired by this beauty) in the last few days and I absolutely, positively adore where this is going . They look quite traditional, don't they? I'm sticking with only red, white, and some black for the blocks and I'm hoping the finished quilt will have that vintage-y kind of vibe. Fingers crossed :).

I'm using a Quilt in a Day Small Flying Geese ruler  to make my geese and I must say, this ruler (and the method that comes with it) is absolutely amazing. I had to read the instructions on how to use it at least two or three times as it's quite different from what I was used to, but once I understood the steps the geese were a breeze to make.

And such precise points. Oh, my!!! My flying geese blocks finish at 3.5" x 6.5" and are perfect building blocks for the 12.5" stars.

Happy looking geese, aren't they?