scraps to treasure

A few days back I talked about how I need to work on my wips because they've been sitting around for way too long. I even planned on doing just that, and then I came across this quilt on Pinterest.

What can I possibly say? Just minutes later all the wip plans were all forgotten as I dumped my overflowing scrap buckets on the floor and started making scrappy blocks like there's no tomorrow.

This is what sixteen blocks looks like. Crazy stuff, isn't it? Each block measures 12.5" and I'm planning on doing a 6x6 layout. I think this is going to be one of those quilts I either love to pieces or hate everything about it. So far I'm at the love stage :)

What I really like about making these blocks (tutorial here) is that I'm actually using up my scraps without having to make more scraps. You know what I mean, right? I've made quite a  few quilts trying to use up scraps only to have even more scraps at the end :(

I'm really, really hoping to use up most of my scraps for this quilt. Wish me luck :)