Tuesday, November 20, 2012

improv love

I have yet another pillow to show you. Only this time I did not make it, it was made for me by the amazing Amber (One Shabby Chick) as part of the Pillow Talk Swap.

 I love everything Amber makes but this pillow must be my all time favorite. It has it all. Improv piecing a la Denyse Schmidt,

texty prints, beautifully unexpected pops of magenta, hot pink, and purple - what a genius idea,

and this dense straight line quilting that adds so much texture and interest to this pillow.

I loved the pillow the minute Amber added it to the swap Flickr group. Of course, I had no idea it was for me as this was a blind swap. I kept looking at it and was so amazed at how much this pillow looked like my inspiration mosaic. Good sign for sure. And, to show you what I mean, here it is.

This was definitely not an easy mosaic to work with, but Amber totally pulled it off. 

Thank you, Amber! You're a star and I'll treasure this amazing pillow forever.

And here it is, getting to know its new "pillow family".

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Svetlana


  1. I love this pillow as well & just to show what a fabulous job Amber did stalking you, when she posted the pillow, I checked the mosaics to see who might be the lucky one getting this & my guess was you!!:)It's so gorgeous & you deserve it!!

  2. It is fantastic and it goes so well with your other ones

  3. Gorgeous! It's funny how quilter's have a certain style, and I think I could have guessed that that pillow had been made by Amber!

  4. It is so pretty and perfect for you!!! Lucky lucky you!

  5. Wow, she really did capture your mosaic, didn't she?! I do love your pillow family! :)

  6. This pillow is great. I love the dot. Maybe it is always winking at you.

  7. Oh it's stunning!! Looks totally at home in the group photo too.

  8. It is beautiful and fits perfectly with the pillow family.

  9. Amber's so awesome. Lovely collection.


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