me? a fabric hoarder?!?!

About two weeks ago I suddenly realized that I was turning into a fabric hoarder. What I mean by that is that I'd buy some fabric because I loved it, and then I did not want to use it, because I love it. Now, that did not really make any sense. I don't ususally like to keep anything in the house that does not get used, no special dishes, no special quilts, nothing like that in our house. Everything gets used on everyday basis. And fabric was not going to be an exception.

I decided right there and then to start cutting into my very precious stacks of fabric and turning them into something useful. I think I've been doing pretty well and I have quite a few projects to show you. And, instead of making a few posts about them, I just decided to put them all together and make one post showing them all off. Ready, here we go:

a new pincushion and needle book to spruce up my sewing space. I used AMH's pattern for this adorable wild flower pincushion. You can find it here. I used my newly discovered favorite fabric washi by Rashida Coleman Hale.

I made a huge pouch using my lovely typewriter fabric and some Heather Ross and Japanese linen. I'm thinking of using this wonderfully colorful and quite sturdy pouch to keep some projects I can work on while out and about with my kids. I might even give crocheting another try as it's so easy to carry around.

This paper pieced place mat took forever to make, the blocks were really, really tiny (tutorial here) and I pretty much spent the whole afternoon on it. Love how it turned out, though. But I will save paper piecing for my pillows next time, place mats don't have to be so complicated.

And then I decide to use my donkeys in wellington boots for the back of the place mat?!?!  So now I'm kind of pretending that it's double sided  because I can't bear the idea of donkeys being hidden all the time.

I also made this smaller version of Keyka Lou's grocery bag. I think Echino fabric is just the perfect weight for totes and bags. If you have Keyka Lou's grocery bag pattern, you can make your own smaller version, there are instructions on how to do it on her website.

Phew, I feel much better now. I think I'm back on my way to being a fabric lover instead of a fabric hoarder. I'm hoping to keep using my fabric instead of just looking at it and buying more and more of it. I already raided my stash and got a stack of fabric ready for my next project.

Can't wait to start working on this new quilt for my son.

Enjoy your day, Svetlana.

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