Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sock monkey messenger bag

A while back I made this messenger bag for my oldest daughter.
She loved having a unique school bag and I loved how nice and sturdy it was and the size was just perfect for all the stuff she needed. Plus, really, don't we all love it when our children enjoy using something we make for them? Right after it was finished, of course, I had to promise my younger daughter to make one for her, too.

It did take me a few months, but her new messenger bag is finished. What do you think?
I added a water bottle pocket to the side and changed the way handle is attached as well as made some small changes to overall design.

I used quilting weight 100 % cotton fabric for the exterior. I went with Michael Miller Sock Monkey and Little Mikes, polka dot fabric is by Amy Butler. I interfaced exterior fabric with fusible fleece and mid-weight interfacing. I used decorator's weight cotton for the lining. All these layers make for a nice and sturdy bag.

Oh, and yes, these messenger bags do match my girls' lunch boxes. Somebody please stop me before I make them wear Sock Monkey coats and pants.

Enjoy your day, Svetlana


  1. Another great project! You do such a nice job.

  2. These are too cute and I say make the coats and pants.hahah.a.a.a...LOVE THEM!!

  3. This is a really nice bag, I looked back through your blog, is this your own pattern? I have two granddaughters who I know would love something like this. I especially like the added water bottle pocket. Thank you.

  4. That is such a great school bag! Looking forward to the matching pants!

  5. Ha! I thought I'd seen that sock monkey fabric before. The messenger bag looks great!

  6. Thanks, guys. You're too funny, matching pants would completely freak my girls out. They'd be running away as soon as I'd pull my sewing machine out.

  7. My youngest daughter yelled stop after the quilt, dresser runner, 2 pillows, overnight tote and nighttable pad were all sock monkey...I'm not sure where she has them stashed but they don't see the light of day anymore ;(. I too would love to know what pattern you used for the messanger bag. I want to make one for my SIL who needs extra room to stash her colostomy supplies. Thanks for the fun read.

  8. Svetlana,
    Di you use a pattern for this, or is it an original design?
    We are going on vacation in august and my 9 y.o. daughter wants a messenger bag to take on the plane. Thanks so much


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