Thursday, April 4, 2019


Do you mend your clothes? I admit, until very recently I didn't really give mending a second thought and simply got rid of any clothes that were worn out or had holes. Recently though I've been doing a lot of reading on mending as well as ways of living a more sustainable life so, naturally, when my favorite jeans developed these unsightly rips I decided it was time to put my newly acquired knowledge to use :)

I used a small embroidery hoop to keep the area I was working on nice and tight. I then pinned and slip stitched a patch to cover the most worn area.

Once the patch was securely stitched on I raided my sashiko thread stash and  added large stitches all across and around the patch.

I love how it all turned out and surprisingly the whole process was pretty quick so I'm definitely calling it a success. Such a fun, super satisfying project indeed :)

I'm now ready to tackle a lot more mending. How about you? 



  1. Oh yes certainly I am an advocate of "make do and mend" I am not that old but feel like a dinosaur in the new "wear it once chuck it out 21st century". I recently had to do the same repair on my jeans, had no idea my thighs were 'that' fat. I had thought about using the Boro method to repair my jeans but thought it might be too bulky. I will be most interested to hear how your jeans wear from here on. The method I decided upon was to drop the feed dogs on my machine and just sew over and over the spot until it was reinforced. Seemed to work well and is not noticeable. So happy to have company in my mending :-)

    1. I love the idea, I think I'll try it next time as well. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I used to patch my husband's barn pants (we are farmers) My grandma taught me her "minute and a half patch." They always took me a half hour. hahaha! Now I replace the barn pants when they get too worn. Seems something around here always needs a fix,sleeve caught on a barb wire fence, lost button, or even some new jeans being a little too distressed for this grandma.


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