reusable grocery bags

The other day I suddenly noticed I had way too much fabric in my stash. Probably not too much by most quilters' standards, but definitely too much for me. So, I decided it was time I used up as much of my fabric as I possibly could making simple useful everyday projects.

First on my list were these reusable grocery bags (pattern by Michelle patterns). I usually buy my fabric in 1/2 yard cuts so this pattern is absolutely perfect as all you need to make this bag is two 1/2 yards of fabric for exterior and lining, plus another 1/2 yard for the handles.

I combined heavier weight fabrics with regular quilting cotton and I'm especially glad I used pretty fabric not just on the outside, but also for the lining :).

These will be a great addition to my stack of reusable grocery bags I made a few years back. I use them all the time and they hold up so nicely. No ripped seams, just wonderful.

In case you're on the lookout for a good reusable grocery bag I highly recommend this pattern. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

So tell me. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of fabric or art/ craft supplies you own? How do you deal with it? I'd love to know.