Saturday, June 11, 2016

epp project booklet

A few months ago I had the pleasure of designing a few EPP (english paper piecing) projects for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I planned and plotted for weeks, and finally I settled on making a peg bag, hexagon trivet, project pouch, and some super simple lavender sachets.

 I quite enjoyed working with these fresh, spring-y fabrics and I absolutely love the addition of my little peg boy in the upper left corner.

This was my first time ever working with such small, pointy templates and I did worry a bit when designing my trivet. Especially after I tried thread basting some of the pieces and I was having a really hard time matching things up. So the next day I picked up basting glue at my local quilt shop and it made the whole process way less stressful.

Of course Wonder Clips got to come out and play, too. They are perfect for holding binding down. Have you used them before? They are one of my most used and loved tools when I saw.

And look, super talented folks at LPQ published all the projects in this handy little booklet. So very exciting !!!

I hope you'll pick up your own copy of LPQ issue 35 (coming to US store in a few weeks) and give EPP a try.



  1. I can't wait to find this! nice job!

  2. I love the cute projects in the booklet, great job!!!!

  3. So cute! I've always wanted to try out those wonder clips, but they just never have fit in my budget. :P

  4. I sure wish I could find this magazine in my area. I'm in SE WI and have tried Barnes & Noble and Joanns but no luck. BN has copies sometimes but they aren't current. Great job on your projects, very exciting for you!!

    1. so sorry to hear that. My Joann is usually behind as well, but eventually they get all the issues.

  5. I'm a subscriber of LPQ and I loved this extra little booklet with all the precut paper but I hadn't notice that you were the one behind these cute projects! I love them and I'm planning to make them during my vacation when sewing machine has no place.

  6. I loved all your projects Svetlana, especially the trivet! I have the booklet and templates stowed away safely for future projects :)

  7. Wow!! I will definitely get this issue! I LOVE all your patterns- and I really love EPP so this is a match made in heaven!!

  8. They are so cute! Great projects, my favourite is the pegbag! Jxo

  9. What a cute collection! I'm captivated by the "peg bag", but what is it? The circle is such a nice design surprise. What is the bag to be used for?

  10. Those are gorgeous, I love the colors! I'm always tempted by this magazine and this month will be no different, I think.


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