bowls and more

You guys, I simply can't stop!

My enjoyment of making clothesline baskets has reached on obsession level. I've already made bowls, plates, buckets, even a tote bag but I'm still not finished (and I'm not even talking about countless trips to hardware stores to buy more clothesline as I seem to run out constantly :)).

I've been so inspired and completely smitten with Doug Johnston's beautiful work. Amazing, isn't it? Who knew you could do so much with just simple clothesline and thread ?!?!

I was a little stumped at first as to how I wanted to finish my bowls as there's always that one pesky raw end of rope where sewing stops. I think covering it with leather and contrasting thread does the work very nicely.

I've always been a huge admirer of simple white pottery pieces and seeing all these projects from afar reminds me of just that :). Plus, I love how I can add some color and pattern by using different thread. Lots of thread!!! These things eat up thread like crazy.

Can you believe I found use for most of these makes already? Well, the fact that our kitties like them helps a lot, since they each get a bowl of their own :). Or do they?

Kiki still has to learn not everything she sees is automatically hers :). Silly kitten.

I think I'll just go and make a new bowl for Lola. And while I'm at it I might make one or two just for the fun of it :).

Talk to you soon. Svetlana