name tags

I'm so, so happy and excited about the fact that a chapter of Modern Quilt Guild has started meeting at my LQS. And, I mean totally local, like 5 minutes drive local. Woot! woot!!!!

For our next (second) meeting our challenge is to make name tags. And, since the meeting date is getting closer, I thought I'd better start. I took out tons of fabric, and got to work. This is what I came up with.

Nothing too complicated, just some scraps of fabric, a little bit of quilting, and embroidered name. But, it's probably too cutsey, right? My daughter announced it would make a great name tag for a kindergartener!!! ouch!

Naturally, I started working on a second name tag. Here's try #2.

I did a lot more patchwork and appliqued my name over it. Now my kids claim this name tag looks like a mug rug. Ouch!! second time.

So, now I have two name tags, one good enough for a kindergartener and one mini mug rug. And I can't decide which one to use for our meeting. Can you help? Or, should I just work on the third one? Any suggestions? I had no idea that working on a 3.5" x 5" name tag will take up so much of my time and energy. Really, it's just a name tag! I seem to have too much extra time on my hands to be obsessing like that.

Well, anyway, if you live somewhere near Naperville, IL and would love to be part of Modern Quilt Guild, our next meeting is on August 23rd, you can check out the quid's blog to get more info.

Hope you have an awesome day. Svetlana