whole cloth quilt

I've always greatly admired whole cloth quilts. I love their minimalist non fussy look, and I especially love that the stitching is what makes these quilts. 

And, after planning and plotting for way too long, I finally have a whole cloth quilt of my own :).

It all started rather simply. Just two Ultra Soft twin sized flat sheets from Target and some batting I had on hand. I first washed, dried, and ironed the sheets and removed all the finished seams along the edges.

I then used 505 basting spray and basted the two fabrics and batting the same way I would any other quilt.

I used a 1.5" wide yardstick and water soluble fabric pen (the blue side) to mark all my lines. This, I must admit, was my least favorite part of the process but it had to be done as I wanted nice straight lines along the length of the quilt.

And then the fun started. I used perle cotton in light shades of gray and beige and I stitched and stitched. I don't use any hoops or frames when I hand quilt, I just plop myself on a couch with basted quilt in my lap and simply go for it.

Once the quilting was all done (which wasn't a quick process at all as it took a few weeks for me to get it done), I trimmed and squared up the quilt. I then machine stitched one side of the binding on, flipped it to the other side and hand stitched it in place using simple running stitch.

I then washed and dried the quilt and absolutely adore the final drape and feel of this quilt. Even my kids, who are not huge fans of regular quilts, love this one.

finished size: 61" x 88" 
fabrics used: two flat twin sized sheets from Target
batting: Pellon's Nature's Touch cotton batting

Thanks for reading, friends. Wishing you all a fantastically creative week. Svetlana