Tuesday, September 24, 2019

QAYG (quilt as you go) oven mitts

Ever since I first discovered Bombazine's free oven mitt pattern I have quite fallen in love with patchwork oven mitts. I know, things that we makers find exciting is quite puzzling to the outside world :)

I decided to make my mitts using qayg (quit as you go method) as that's my preferred way of using up random sized scraps of fabric and I'm positively smitten.

+  +  +  +  +

Here's a little sequence on how I went about sewing the exterior of my mitts. Pretty fun, right? All one needs to do is start from the middle and quilting pieces of fabric onto cotton batting until the whole area we need is covered.

I shared a video of this technique on IG recently. Just click here to check it out.

A few notes:
- I press all my scraps before I start sewing as I find it gives me best finished results.
- I use cotton batting as a base (Warm and Natural or Warm and White are my favorites).
- I usually trace templates to freezer paper as it sticks to fabric and makes for precise cutting.
- I used these quilted slabs for the exterior of my mitts. I then loosely quilted a layer of Insul-bright to my lining and followed directions in the pattern for an assembly.

Easy peasy, right?

And, if you need a bit of inspiration, check out #bombazinemitt over on IG to see tons of amazing mitts others have created. 

Who knew oven mitts could be so fun ?

Happy sewing friends. Svetlana


  1. I really like this quilt as you go method. Your mitt looks like it was bought at a store. It is so nice! I'm thinking of trying this for gifts.

    1. Thank you so much :). I hope you do give it a try, it's super fun.

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  3. This is such a great way to use up scraps of fabric and at the end of your project have something to give away or use! I really like those prints you used, your mitt is really cute!

    1. So glad you like it Karen. And yes, this is definitely a great way to use up scraps.

  4. I love using scraps and QAYG too! Love your oven mitt.

  5. I love these! I can see a few Christmas gifts coming up! Thanks for sharing.

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